10 Ways Easy for Managers to Empower

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There are many, many ways that a manager can empower those in their team. The value comes from enlightened individuals freed up to express themselves through the release of their potential.

And you are the one to do it…

Almost any situation where you let an individual express themselves freely, through the contribution they themselves make, is through helping them to be empowered.

Empowerment unleashes many opportunities for individuals to develop, grow and come to fruition, bring a host of new resources to the team, organization and the results they produce.

Here are some of the ways that you can offer the gift of empowerment to your people. Remember, you are limited only by your ability to be creative in what you offer your people as ways to build them up.


If you’ve been keeping up with the lessons, you will know that delegation is one of the best ways to empower employees.

Through giving up tasks of your own to others, with support at first, you will build confidence; develop skills as well as free up your own time too.

2.Say No

When asked to do something that you know they could do just as well, finding ways to say ‘no’ and support them to be able to do the task will make them feel able to do more in the future.

3.Say Yes

As your people try more on and develop themselves, be prepared to take risks on them.  Whilst they will need to understand that you will be generous when things go wrong, that should not put you off saying ‘yes’ to them when they want to try something new.

4.Ignore Them!

A favorite tactic! When you work closely with people, ignore them sometimes when they get frustrated or get things wrong. Rushing to their assistance is often the least effective way for them to succeed for themselves.


By asking questions, hearing answers and facilitating their own ability to find solutions for themselves, you will go a long way to empower. Remember, empowerment is about them building confidence. Nothing does this more than when they are helped to find their own solutions.

6.Let Go of How

Now, when you do give them the freedom to do your stuff sometimes, you have to be able to let go of telling them everything about the way they are to reach the solution. By letting go of your own ‘how’ yo9u give them the opportunity to find their own.

7.Praise and Thank

It’s sometimes difficult to have a sense of how you are doing, so it’s important for you to tell people that are doing well. By reinforcing their belief that they are being successful, you will encourage them, which is, after all, empowering in itself.

8.Seek Opportunities

And you can get creative with people to empower them! Take your role as one where you spend some time each day coming up with ideas to grow your people’s view of themselves. It’s a worthy activity for you – after all, your role is to manage and develop your people.

9.Help with Learning

Employees like to be challenged and may be reluctant to show that they don’t know the way to do things. If you can show them how they can learn, they will be encouraged to do more of it, opening the door to empower themselves.

10.Treat Mistakes/Failings Generously

Empowerment is all about building confidence – that’s its purpose, so when things don’t quite go to plan, it’s important not to ruin all the good work by reacting negatively when what’s needed is support and encouragement.

The gift of empowering others is one that is rich indeed, changing lives along the way for the good, you bring opportunities for new successes for your team too.

What could be a better win-win than that?

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