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One and a Half Ice Creams

September 27, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

It was early lunchtime. The outdoor trattorias were slowly filling up as we looked around for a good place, nothing too extravagant. The first place looked fine, yet despite trying to get the attention of the guy who was placing people (making eye contact, that sort of thing), apart from grabbing him by the arm, […]

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Positive – And Not The Way You Think

September 7, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

We’ve all heard about the ‘power of positive thinking’ as a technique that enables us to achieve more, just by the way we talk ourselves into it. When you manage a team, you know that your people are your asset and how you are with them is vitally important. In the way you speak; the […]

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Prevarication Management Rarely Works

September 2, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

Jack was a new manager of a small team. It wasn’t his first management, but it was inside a larger corporate office, where this team sat. They were a small intimate team and Jack felt it right that they should do the stuff that he need not do, so he left it to them to […]

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