5 Simple Steps to Better People Management

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Managing and getting the best from each of your people is a ‘knack’; a ‘trick’ you can learn and pull off. There are many ways.

Here are five simple things you can do, this week even, to kick-start your way of making your management skill work best – and still have your people go home each night feeling great!

1. Spend time having easy conversations with your people today. Ask them lots of open questions about anything – follow their lead. It’s OK – you don’t have to talk business all the time.

2. Ask as many people as you can (it may take more than a day!), how you are doing. What can you do to make things work better? What is getting in their way? Follow-up, even if you can’t solve it – tell them why later – not right away as it tends to dismiss them.

3. Be your customer or client for a day – experience their experience. Share the activity with your key people and use the information to realise how you are doing as a business. Is it good enough? Is it really good enough?

4. Notice people’s contribution much more and say ‘Thank you’ a lot more often, when a job is done well. Even say a genuine ‘Thank you’ when it’s not something that special – just for doing their job, which is often overlooked.

5.Let things go a bit – if you tend to be on the fussy, pedantic side, STOP. For a day, then a week. See what falls off a cliff – it will probably be nothing at all. Your people will love you for it. Think what your fussiness feels like for them – ask them even!

So there you go – will you take the challenge up?

Do you want to build morale, motivation and loyalty in your team members? Do you want to build their capabilities and skills?

Are you ready to accelerate the performance of your team and business.

Only you can!

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