Are You Ready?

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In ‘The West Wing’ there’s a pivotal moment at the start of Season Two (just working my way through the box set!).

There has been a shooting attempt on the President’s team and through a series of flashbacks to when his presidential campaign began, Jed Bartlet is seen behaving like a bit of an arsehole with his key people.

His wife describes him as ‘not being ready’.

At the end of a hard fought battle on the campaign trail, the father of one of his team dies unexpectedly.

He finds out and spends some time with the young man, understanding him better as a person and with that appreciating that he has not been very good with the relationships with the team up to this point.

After this moment of being human at last, he turns to Leo McGarry, who is the force behind his candidature and tells him ‘I’m ready’.

The being readiness of us when we lead others is not a place that comes easily. It often requires a lot of self-awareness.

This needs to be sufficiently strong for us to acknowledge and then shift our behaviors such that we learn and grow for our people – just as much as ourselves.

Be clear – listening and really hearing what our people say is vital. Paying attention and developing ourselves is the action point we take from that.

Then, we really are ready too.

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