Be Timely With Confrontation

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Confrontation is a challenging activity to undertake. It’s one that many managers fail to achieve in their role, all for the want of a seemingly easy life.

The challenge comes when those things which they have failed to face into accumulate and then come back to bite them.

The overwhelming level of challenge when so many matters have been unresolved will reach the tipping point and disaster strikes.

Confrontation when performance is below requirements is challenging enough; leaving it to brew – for the manager, the individual and the rest of the team, leads to an overall insecurity and stress levels that will lead to bigger consequences.

Many a time a manager has complained that they either cannot retain employees.

Yet further, deeper scrutiny will show that their own inability to confront their employees and maintain consistency and standards had a significant part to play.

When poor performance or indiscipline need to be faced up to, small and often is much more effective and less stressful for all than big and rare, particularly at the start of a workplace relationship.

By challenging these standards regularly – especially at the start of a role – a manager’s expectations quickly becomes understood by all and compliance will follow.

When you disagree with what your people do, ensure that you tell them fairly, promptly and simply, with a hint of firmness thrown in.

By ensuring it’s timely and relates to the one incident at a time, you will ensure that you are seen to be fair and determined and the occasions will happen less and less often.

By leaving important interventions too long, the matter becomes a big one and much more effort – more confrontation – is needed.

And this helps no-one.

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