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There’s a way of sensing when a manager is ‘putting it on’. It’s a sense many, if not all employees have, to some extent or the other – and they will quickly sniff you out…

It’s very tempting as you manage a team new to you. They expect great things of you, the ‘new broom’ manager coming in to shake things up a bit and make the difference.

It’s a clean slate for you too, as you move into this new management role. A new team of people to work with. Maybe even a new organization too.

Those old experiences where you could have been so much better are behind you. Maybe these new employees won’t know the old you. That one who might have done the job even better.

So you try to be something different from before. Perhaps it goes beyond the learning you’ve had from the past, where things didn’t always go quite to plan.

You are free of those times where you got caught out – more likely got caught short – in your management. So you can start again here – and be different.

When you learnt those lessons, perhaps even some of them were made public – in addition to those where you yourself knew that you could have been better, you could have wished them away. But, if there was anything about you, you didn’t because you learned about yourself. Learned how to ‘do differently’ (otherwise known as ‘better’) next time.

So now you have the big chance to be different and you want to try it on. Thing is, that sixth sense of your people. They can tell when a manager isn’t being authentic. They just can. Employees have suffered generations of managers and so they know when you are simply not being the true you.

And you know, they want the true you, because that’s where they are able to get to know you – understand you and, above all, respond to you and the way you do things.

If you try to be someone you aren’t, it will be clear. And in addition to seeing through you playing a part, they will come to resent you for actually trying to be someone you aren’t. They will feel besmirched that you weren’t trusting with them from the start by showing them the true you – the inner you.

Your authentic self as leader will be the easiest and most effective way to be your best and you really will be respected for it.

And as you lead from the heart, the model you set will be followed by your people. They will be authentic with you as well.

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