Better Leaders Get The Best From Everyone

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Every team has a make up of a variety of people, all of whom have different skills, characteristics and above all styles. If you have balance, you will have a blend of types so that each complements the team as a whole.

For many teams, the biggest contributors are those outgoing characters who think out loud, introduce ideas and are seen to be active and lively.

There will also be quiet people who are able to contribute fully and yet often are overshadowed by their more boisterous colleagues.

This is something of a shame because the seemingly more reluctant ones can often be the deepest thinkers, who so often have solutions to problems well thought out and considered.

For a leader, this can create a challenge. The liveliness of some of the team is a valuable quality, because it usually engenders a positivity that is enjoyed by many and helps create a sense of team achievement too.

Smart leaders need to find ways to engage with those who take the quieter line, whilst also keeping the value that those less reluctant to be visible provide to the team.

Certainly there are tactics that will bring out the best from those less keen to be in the limelight. For example, using different styles of communication, using all the senses, rather than just auditory might be one way. Facilitating ways that the more introverted can contribute – perhaps simply by asking them what suits them best could be another.

Ignoring the contribution potential of those less extroverted is a big risk, in a world where the smallest egde can have the highest value.

For a leader who is able to harness all the individual styles in their team, much reward above and beyond that expected might well be the valued outcome achieved.

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