Building Employee Confidence Is A Big Management Role

November 18, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

When you manage others, the confidence of your people is very important indeed

So, how can you go about building confidence in your employees?

Not only in the business, but in the work that they complete, you will need to build up their confidence from time to time.

It will help both their own job satisfaction and your business to run more smoothly and much more effectively.

To be aware of where they are starting from, you need to spend time noticing if your employees lack confidence in the first place.

Some employees will never have a problem with confidence (at least outwardly), but others will find it tough and maybe a lot more often then you may think.

You need to watch your employees and their behaviors to figure out where their confidence level may be at. You may notice that some employees have a tendency to struggle while at work.

If it gets to be frequently, you are likely to have an employee who is suffering from lacking confidence.

That’s the place to really find out how your people are feeling about themselves.

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