Building Employee Confidence – Is This a Clue?

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One clue to recognizing a shortfall in employee confidence, might be if they sometimes becomes withdrawn or silent, especially when in a group setting, like meetings, or other team gatherings.

This can also indicate that you have employees who are not confident working as they are right now.

And another clue might be how an employee proposes their ideas to you?

If they start by saying that it may be a stupid idea, or that it won’t work, well, yes they are most likely lacking the confidence they need to help out to their full potential.

By giving constructive feedback and focusing on those things that your employees do well – and telling them – will help build confidence.

And just how much you need to build them up will vary from individual to individual, so you have to be very flexible with your approach too.

You may have absolutely no clue what could be wrong, so sitting the employee down for a one-to-one chat may help you learn.

If it seems like something is so wrong that they will struggle to carry on with their role, there may be a more serious problem and a bigger conversation to help them find the right solution might be of benefit to them and you.

If their issues are something that you are able to help them with, really do take the time consider it. Because your business is only going to run as well as your employees can deliver for you.

Employees who are lacking confidence or are unhappy will not bring the success you seek.

By building up employee confidence, you will see improved happiness (and with it, fun and joy) around the place, not to mention performance improvement too!

So, as you make sure that you let your employees know when they are doing something well, it really can make the difference and build confidence significantly.

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