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Keeping Sane – Influencing What You Can

October 8, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

Life is busy. We have many things on our plate – too many most of us would say. And at times it can seem overwhelming. So often there are issues we face that challenge us, often many times a day – and frequently shift our perspective, making what are relatively trivial issues magnified, such that […]

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Managing Expectations

September 27, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

There’s a small action you can take, right away, that will build confidence in you personally, as well as ensuring that the trust that your people have in you is high. I’m pretty sensitive to it – perhaps it’s just the way I am – but it’s a very important behavior that I notice easily […]

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How to Manage 14% Better

September 20, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

Many organisations now use surveys to see how they are doing. Some are focused at customers and clients, whilst others look at how the employees think their workplace is. The majority of employee surveys fell out of a brilliant piece of work by two researchers at Gallup – Curt Coffman and Marcus Buckingham – and […]

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What Do You Believe?

September 14, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

As many of us find out during the course of our management career, we can’t do it all. Yet there are times when we find the workload that we have is such that there is no-one else but ourselves who can do those parts of the work that are left to do. As managers, we […]

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Keeping Your People Happy

August 23, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

A manager’s role is to build successful teams that deliver the business. We aim to seek for higher and higher performances from those we encourage, cajole and develop. How do we keep them all happy? We strive to create refined, capable people to inhabit our teams. The results we seek cannot be delivered by us […]

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A Manager’s Skill – Balancing Fun and Focus

August 10, 2010 | By | 3 Comments

Having fun is a vital component of any successful team. Managers will do well to encourage their people to enjoy their work, joining in when there’s a laugh to be had, where appropriate. For a manager though, it’s always going to be a fine line between the fun the team are having and the need […]

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Waving The Management Magic Wand – Part 2

August 8, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

Last week, we looked at how to make more of the opportunities you have to make things different. Wafting your own magic wand around yourself and the way you do things is one thing, but how can you use it effectively to ‘magic’ better ways of doing things from your people? BTW, if you have […]

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Management By Buns

July 26, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

The simplest behaviors can make a manager. Sometimes those behaviors don’t even need to be regular; they are allowed to be inconsistently regular in fact.

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3 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

July 22, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

Difficult people are challenging for anyone. When you manage employees, this can be one of the biggest issues you have to overcome. Yet it is so critical that you do. After all, even the best online MBA can’t always prepare a manager for working out problems with difficult employees. Managing individuals in a team is […]

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The Creative Value of Order

July 19, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

The greatest growth in our world has come through the imaginative genius of some of those memorable individuals in history. Those who set out with a glimmer of a dream, worked and cajoled it until it became a sort of reality that made some sort of sense. In history, these ranged from geeks who worked […]

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