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When I work with clients, one of the things that most often comes up is that they want more time. In the busy, challenging world where we try to shoe-horn more into our days, the cry for ‘more time’ has never been louder.

Yet when you think of it, the demand for more time to do the things we do, is actually an impossible dream. No-one can have more time.

There is only one lot of time any of us have, because time is finite. You cannot make more time.

We just have to be smarter with the time each of us has available to us and the challenge is to do with our time, that which makes it more effective.

Before looking at how we do this in the workplace, it’s also – in fact probably more – important to ensure that we have the balance between work, play and home just right.

If one is out, then the others suffer and usually make the one we are spending more focus on than we should suffer too. Just a thought.

In the workplace, when we want to ‘make more time’, we need to re-evaluate what we are doing with the finite time we have.

So, it’s worth considering just what we need to do more of; do less of and indeed, stop doing altogether (whether this means actually stopping doing some things that really add no value at all, or delegate this work to people who will variously:

a) benefit from learning new skills
b) be better at it than us anyway
c) be a better value proposition (i.e. cheaper than us) to deliver the same (or even better) standards than we could.

So, what will you do less of, do more of and stop doing today.

That’s how you make ‘more’ time.

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