Delegation – An Invaluable Employee Development Tool

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When using delegation as a management tool, it always pays to understand that you must be in agreement regarding the standards that you expect, in order to measure how successfully or otherwise the job has been completed.

That said, obviously the standards that you require have to be achievable, as well as realistic.

Another important aspect to properly delegating work, is understanding the need to grant some authority to the person to whom you are delegating work.

This means that the employee to whom you are entrusting the job must take ownership, overcome roadblocks and be as self-sufficient in their work as you feel comfortable with.

To delegate work and tasks successfully also requires that you provide the employee with your complete support.

To do this also requires that you identify the resources that are necessary for the employee to perform and complete the work entrusted to them.

At the same time, it also means that you must give sufficient backing by training and advising them, as well as provide all other necessary resources (such as time and materials), to ensure that as little as possible stands in the way of successful completion of the work to be delegated.

In the end, successful delegation means that you must be committed to getting the work done properly and you must also get your employee to agree to complete the work entrusted to them.

Properly done, delegating work is going to be beneficial to both a manager as well as their employee.

In fact, the best managers use delegation creatively, helping their people grow with targeted delegated tasks, specially selected for them

By keeping your expectations realistic of the employees to whom you are delegating work to start with, they will grow into delegated tasks with confidence.

Remember, the most vital part of your role is to ensure that your people understand the task requirements and expectations clearly.

Then you are much more the likely to get valuable results, with rapidly developing members of your team.

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