Effective Workplace Relationships – How Much Do You Want Them?

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Whilst management is all about getting the best from the people in your team, they aren’t your only focus. You see, the extent of either success or failure all depends on your personal drive and ambition as well…

The key to effective management comes from your personal abilities to make the most of your team members. Whilst this might sound like it’s a done deal if you work hard enough and are focused on maxing those people out, there are a number of challenges to get past inside yourself first.

Most managers can drive their people’s performance well and, depending on how good their relationship is with their people, this capability will dictate the levels of success they achieve, both in the short- and long-term.

There is a bigger challenge that the very best managers are able to evaluate and then overcome. It’s about what they are prepared to amend, test and even sacrifice in themselves, in order to develop the most effective value-creating relationships, with all of their people.

Whilst it might sound like this is going to be a tough series of consequences for a manager to change in their behaviors, yet it isn’t as hard as it might seem to be at first consideration.

There are five key elements that will be tested for a manager to succeed in developing the relationships they need, to be successful with their team:-

1. Be very interested in others – is most important, because when you show you are really interested in people, it builds rapport, trust and bigger relationships quickly develop

2. Be a lot less interested in themselves – your people love to hear themselves about themselves much more than about  you (though they do like it if you open up a bit from time to time)

3. Giving up control – by letting go of some of their personal controls, the best managers enable their people more, which brings them much closer together (and takes the pressure off the manager too!)

4. Spending some time investing – getting to know their team members (almost inside-out!), will be an investment of their precious time that’s definitely well worth the effort

5. Actually making the effort – by focusing on and creating the opportunities for interactions, the best managers recognize that this is an area of their management that is worth their fullest attention

Most of this work is defining whether a manager has the strength of character to dig in and do the work they need to. It’s both a test of their spirit and energy, as much as helping them find their management path and style.

It’s also a good measure whether they are prepared to challenge, assess and adjust their own behaviors, to get what they truly want from the work they do, by effectively and objectively developing the relationships with their people.

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