Employee Satisfaction Surveys Stink!

March 10, 2009 | By

It’s an easy fix for organizations to churn out the annual or even bi-annual (‘to show we really care’) survey to their people, to assess ’employee satisfaction’.

It is a great tactic for the Annual Report. Yet in my opinion, in most cases, it stinks!

Once the results are in, they get analyzed at Corporate, Divisional and Area level. Any improvements result in back-slapping ceremonies. Individual teams may get feedback on how they did.

Yet for many organizations that’s where it stops.

Sure, they may have a briefing and belief they are going forward, but no-one gets into the deep-seated behavioral issues that need to shift – because it’s tricky, time-consuming and indeed they may have no clue as to how to take this element forward (but they did their survey OK!)!

Whilst the big-picture organization things are important, they usually fit at the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

The upper levels of fulfilment and self esteem cannot be delivered at arms length.

The only delivery-boy for the behaviors that really make a difference to your employees’ engagement is the direct environment where they work.

And that’s where each and every manager needs to get into close one-to-one relationships with each of their people.

To truly listen, to understand what they can really do to maximize engagement/retention/attendance as the minimum (and extremely good indicators in themselves, rather than the wheeled-out “to show we care ‘survey'”).

Big-time pro-active contribution from a whole team of employees (or is it ‘colleagues’?), the bigger reward.

One-on-one coaching for a manager in this area, by someone who knows what they are doing. really can add positive numbers on the bottom line. I know, I’ve worked with clients who have seen number spiral, for the want of a pretty small investment in relative terms

And once behaviors shift, they shift for a lifetime of value!

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