Finding The Real Value of TEAM

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There is a bit of management-speak that I like. It’s the mnemonic TEAM‘.

TEAM‘ stands for ‘Together’, ‘Each’, ‘Achieves’, ‘More’.

The implication being that when you add the contributions of individuals together, the outcome is more than the sum of the parts.

This actually makes quite a bit of common sense and as with all things, it’s very true in some ways.

Let’s say you throw a team of people together and let them get on with, say, a project. Of course they will use each of their own individual skills to make at least something happen.

And that will be more than if each individual did their small bit.

In fact, with very little effort and just with the team working together, there would be an outcome better than those of single individuals working together.

The very act of working together catalyzes improved performance on its own.

As the team leader, you can get more from them than this.

Showing your best leadership skills, you can engage the team – the individuals in the team – to create more than expected, when you leverage their ability to discuss and synthesize improved ideas and then actions bigger than those valuable – yet always individual – contributions.

Being a team leader is all about facilitating more from the excellent individual contributions and creating synergy – the art of making 1+1=3 (at least).

By listening and asking searching questions of the team, you energize individual thinking to become much greater in their capacity to mould creative outcomes.

Much more than just leaving them alone to get on with it.

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