Five Management Benefits Of Over-Delivering To Employees

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Many employees have limited expectations of those that manage and lead them. Their life and work experiences tell them to be cautious about what might be realistic.

Giving your people what they expect from an employer is not a major challenge.

The simple things like getting paid the right amount and on time, having reasonable working conditions and being respected are pretty much the minimum (and so often what employers find a tough act to deliver on, simple though it might sound).

Going a bit further can have a profound influence on how employees respond. That extra mile will have a huge impact on how well they do their job, how long they stay with you and how they interact with each other and their customers too.

Over-delivering to your people has great advantages. They are ready and waiting for you to be like all the other bosses they’ve had before and as such, in a quirky and almost negative sort of way, they expect you to be no better.

So when you are, it’s a huge void filled. And they will love you for it!

Here are five key benefits that you will gain by going just that little bit further for them, each of which will make the difference!

•    Building Trust – when you do a little more beyond expectations, it builds the trust between you and your team members. Trust is a critical aspect of the relationships that you build – and more. When you want to be trusted, over-delivery is a big plus, because employees recognize that you care for them more than they are used to.

•    Developing Relationships – by doing that bit more than expected, the partnership is strengthened, extended even. With this you will be able to get back at least as much as you put in.

•    Making Deposits – as Stephen Covey describes in ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, by going that bit further with what you do, you create a deposit in the emotional bank account between you. These deposits need to be in there before you can ask for withdrawals, especially when you want them to go that ‘extra mile’.

•    Showing the Way – if you want your people to behave in a particular way, you need to be an exemplar of what you want from them yourself. By regularly over-delivering – naturally rather than just when you want something – you will start to see them emulate your behaviors too.

•    Being Innovative
– and often the way you over-deliver will show that you can be creative in the way you work with others. This creativity encourages others to come up with their own innovative ways to respond to other colleagues needs as well.

Overdelivery need not be rocket science for your people to feel special. If you are prepared to go a little further for them, there are rewards out there that will make it well worth your while.

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