Getting Your Feet Wet

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Sometimes getting ahead means initial shocks and challenges to your system.

And then you can really push on to make progress.

Walking the fields this morning after a heavy night rain, I couldn’t avoid the big puddles – there was just no way through. Not only had it rained hard, it had been dry for a while and nothing was getting through the clay laden ground.

So, I had to get my feet wet. The walking shoes I use had no claim to be water proof. I knew that – they knew that. I was in for a drenching – in the foot area anyway!

There was quite an initial shock of the cold on my feet and once I was in, I was able to push on without worrying about it any more.

Indeed after only a short while, sure, my feet were still wet and surprise, surprise, they started to warm up again.

When I got home, my feet were dry quickly and, in fact, even warmer.

In business, there are all sorts of things our day job brings us that could give us cold, wet feet. They slap us in the face usually just when we don’t want it as well.

Most times they are issues; challenges we avoid, because the cold and wet equivalents in business are discomfort, challenge and, horror of horrors, even confrontation.

And whilst we don’t like the consequences we suffer each day, we like confrontation even less, so we let things slide – even if it’s just a little. we mumble in the background, blame everyone and everything else even.

So we edge around them, day after day, cautiously. Until the day comes where there is no other way and we plunge in, get through it and build ourselves up for the next time.

Experience shows us that it wasn’t that bad, actually. We got through it and survived. It’s that first moment that you have to have the courage to take that first, wet, cold step!

And became stronger. Much, much stronger in the process.

Cold, wet feet don’t bother us anymore. I don’t worry about the experiences I’ll have when walking. They are surmountable and in some ways, a different experience I like to have once in a while.

Today, whenever you are reading this, think about something that is your patch of cold water to walk through, and face into it right now.

Take the first step right now, today, because it will never be the first step again. The next time, those feet of yours will know that once you get your feet wet and cold, there is another warmer, drier side, just around the corner.

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