A Government with No Ideas, Mrs May?

January 15, 2017 | By | Add a Comment

This is the state of the UK Government today. Caring less for the people of this country than ever before.

No truth. No trust. Distant from reality. It is the arrogant sign of so many industry leaders and government leaders too.

“Late last night (14/01/17), for the second night running, I went in to OOH to cover a gap in the rota due to another GP being ill, no doubt exhausted from the working week we all do.

I went to see a patient with palliative care needs, dying of lung cancer. Her frail husband couldn’t cope anymore and she could no longer stand, even with his assistance. She could no longer walk to few steps to the commode, and was thus lying in her excrement.

I assessed her and she had no medical needs. She wasn’t in pain, had no signs of cord compression, she was just cachexic and exhausted.

Both were terrified of having to go to hospital due to fear of being stuck to soil herself on a hospital trolley for hours. They were terrified of what they were seeing in the news of the NHS crisis, and her dying alone and forgotten in a corridor. There were no community hospital beds in 50 miles. Cuts have led to no district nursing service after 10 o’clock, and social services cannot respond even to a social care emergency at night – everything is contracted out to private providers who are unable to respond. At the very very best, they might be able to get someone in the morning but couldn’t promise. Our DN colleagues could go in at 0900 though.

I helped clean this lady up the best I could, got her on the commode, changed her sheets and pad, and consoled her husband. I spent an hour trying to find a resource to help her, so that we could avoid a social care admission to hospital, and to provide some compassion to a frightened couple in the small hours. We all agreed to gamble to keep her out of hospital through the night, and I know my pressured colleagues will do the best for her.

So, Mrs May, when you abuse GPs for not being available 24-7, I will remind you of this. I was the last health or social care professional there when all others had no capacity to see her due to cuts of your making. I was the professional providing basic carer support and compassion when no one else could.

GPs. Providing care and compassion, 24/7. Something our leaders have forgotten the meaning of.”

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