Growing Capable Employees – The Easy Way

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Do you ‘CELT’ each day?

If you want to get yourself excellent employees, fully formed and using their full potential – maybe it’s time to think about it!

Through engaging our people, we can bring the best from them – maybe even more than they might have thought possible, though as a manager who believes in them, you knew just a bit better, didn’t you, so there are few tiny tactics here…

C is for Coach
By encouraging each individual to find their own solutions, through thoughtful questioning and giving the opportunity to explore their own ideas in the listening space you create for them, they will help themselves – and ultimately you – with the brilliance that comes out. As a top manager, you are the coach for that!

E is for Experience
Nothing brings out potential better than providing the chance to experience new challenges in the work they do. Giving the chance to try something out will always ensure that there is growth for people, sometimes small, often big too. As a conscious manager, you are the facilitator for the experiences that can be created for your people.

L is for Learning
By exploring out the learning they capture, as you keep regular loose and friendly contact, you will both embed the value of the new experience and, if you’re smart, create spaces for even more explorations for them with the feedback you give them and even better as you explore their feeding back to themselves too. The best managers are great at this!

T is for Teach
As they build their skills through your coaching, their experiences and the learning they gain, there are opportunities for them to share that with others. Encouraging this makes it stick better, builds their confidence and spreads the word far wider than you could as a manager alone. Really smart managers leverage the numbers!

It’s not rocket science – many managers will have been doing this already in some form or other, yet focusing on thisĀ  little process for a while as you do the day job will help your people grow, every step of the way – and every day of the week too.

When you ‘CELT‘, you make the difference to one and then many. When you build this into your daily routine – such that becomes just the way you manage naturally – you make your life much easier, build capable individuals into your team and generate a much wider growth culture – for all your people.

With a culture like this, many of the issues managers face, such as employee turnover, absence, motivation and weak team spirit are simply history.

Will you ‘CELT‘ today? All your people are ready and waiting, so it’s up to you!

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