Half-Time Working – Let’s Go!

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We are all pretty busy in our work, right?

You almost wonder how it could be possible to fit more in.

Your days are so full, they often leak over into your own time. Early starts and missing the kids before bed becomes the norm. Missing your vacation time.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, the truth is that we often do more than we need to, much more.

Think of it like this. Those days where you have to be away, like your vacations (you do take them now, don’t you?); being away for meetings; courses and other training.

Does the place fall down? Does the world crumble?

If you either answer ‘Yes’ to this, or you just can’t make the time for those activities away from your day job, you need to take action.

A simple way to understand this is to consider:

‘What would I only do, if I had only half the hours to do my job?’

What could (note, I say ‘could’), you stop doing that you personally don’t need to do? What could you do more of that would use your skills, whilst also relieving the pressure.

Be ruthlessly honest and change your mindset, because, if you are honest, your people could do much of what you do.

In Ken Blanchard’s ‘The One Minute Manager’, the manager there has it just right.

He does none of the activities that he need not do. He has capable people around him. He does much more of the work that enables his people to do what he now needs not to do.

Everyone’s a winner.

And you get home for dinner; take your vacations happy at being away; get developed for the next level of your career.

It’s about focus; letting go and doing the real job you have – and managing people effectively to do their jobs.

Over to you.

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