How to Make a Difference Every Day

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Every day, everyone can make the world a better place. It’s simple; it’s quick and it is free.

All it requires is a recipe containing you (yes, that’s YOU!), awareness and a natural disposition to be brave enough, to change the day of everyone you come into contact with in a positive way.

Appreciating what people do for you, whenever you come into contact with them is the first step.

It may not sound much, but saying a sincere ‘Thank You’ means much to many people – sadly, it is not what they experience normally.

This can be a ‘Thank You’ to someone who holds a door open for you, or maybe to the guy you buy your morning paper from.

It can be to an employee who you manage, for something, for goodness sakes, for anything they did well – in the moment, sincerely.

The next step, when it is comfortable for you, is to explain what it was they did that was great.

So, as an example, it could be to an employee who you manage,

‘Thank you for that piece of work, your effort has made such a difference to it’.

It could be a ‘Well done’ as you stand in front of a display of merchandise

‘What I especially like about it, is how you made such a great impact with the cornflakes’

Outside your place of work, you buy a sandwich,

‘Thank you – can I just say what a great job you did putting that together for me; I truly appreciate it’.

Sharing positive observations that people might not see in themselves, because there is not enough positive feedback in the world creates positivity.

You can make a difference to literally dozens of people every day and makes their lives brighter.

And how do you think they will respond to the next customer; and the next.

Research shows that they will be buzzing for the next 5 interactions with others.

Maybe they will ‘Pay it Forward’ as in the film. (Not seen it? Do!).

This is about small things that you can do every day.

And if you can’t do it consistently? Just do it sometimes – that is much, much better than never at all.

You may never know the positive difference you have made to someone you spend a little time, a little courtesy with – but you will have to live with that delicious ‘not knowing’!

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