How to Make the Most of Redundancy

March 3, 2009 | By

For many people, the fear and worry of losing their job is a huge blow to them.

Yet more and more people are seeing such a challenge more as the kick in the butt they needed, to enable them to achieve much more from their life than they ever thought possible.

Even better…they not only grasp the opportunity, but they enjoy life much, much more.

Being let go; suffering redundancy; experiencing downsizing are all very different ways of saying the same thing.

“Your employer doesn’t want you any more”

Suddenly, that place; those people you’ve been bitching about for years, seems so much more attractive than it did yesterday – and you are going to fight tooth and nail to hang in there.

But wait, maybe there’s something in you that relishes the chance to move on and do something different.

Maybe it’s time to revisit your values and see what is missing from your life – and not blindly rush into the nearest ‘clone’ job to the one you’ve been doing.

For all those years when you didn’t quite fit. Where the role you had caused you some unease, there is something to learn.

Is it not possible that you were something of a square peg, who over the years had done your best to fit into the round hole of your career?

So, think about the things you truly love. The types of way you want to spend your time and take the opportunity to move on as a sign. Time to look for an alternative future that better suits the person you really are.

This can be a challenging time, yet if you see the possibilities and seize the moment, it can be one of the most stimulating phases of your life.

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