Interfere at Your Peril!

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Generally, as managers, we know stuff.

We come into the role for the people management skills we have (or at least the perceived potential we have) as well as the experiences we’ve had in our past work.

Skills and experience mean that we can provide support and help to our team of people to get the job done well.

Sometimes, some managers struggle with this.

On the one hand, they find it tricky to let the team carry on with what they have been able to achieve up to now.

On the other, they interfere directly with what’s been going OK up to now and change things.

Now, when that’s to the real benefit of the customers and/or clients the team serves, it’s a good thing.

But it doesn’t always happen that way.

You see, some managers really struggle with letting be what’s OK and feeling it’s important for their role (here, read ‘credibility’), that they are seen to be doing stuff.

And, not only can that irritate the socks of the team, it can be detrimental to the final activities undertaken.

It can even be as simple as ‘intercepting’ mail that usually goes directly to the team – because you are the boss and, well, you should see everything.

In general, this merely clutters up your desk for you. More importantly, it can hold up what your people do, thereby affecting the way they are able to work best with their customers.

It’s always worth considering whether any intervention you make in the smooth running of your team adds value.

Better still, ask your people what they think and seriously, very seriously consider the impact on your end-user too.

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