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There is a time in any manager’s career, when the moment hits you, that your work has changed.

It’s in this brief moment, that you realize that you have stepped up from being a worker, to a manager.

In those few seconds of realization, you notice that something has shifted for you and you will never be the same again.

You realize that you cannot do it all any more.

You are moving from a person who is all knowing and all doing, to a manager who manages the people in the team to be all knowing (cumulatively) and all doing (collectively).

For many managers, they never have this ‘aha’ moment and they struggle on for their careers being inadequate, overworked and ultimately overstretched.

For others, they are able to recognize that they need to step back, do less and utilize the skills of management for which they were placed in position in the first place.

Then, there’s the twist to the tale – you still have to know stuff and do stuff too!

The key point is that now, it’s by choice where and when you get involved.

You can choose, selectively, where you show up for those jobs that are now delegated to others in your team.

And it’s so important that you do, from time to time, gets your hands dirty, just like in the old days.

It’s just that now, you decide when best to get involved in the work that others do. You choose to do it when you need to show solidarity; to help when they’re short-handed; to have fun; to team-build and more.

It’s the very fact that you know you can; you choose to or not to and that, ultimately, you’ve made the transition from chunks of the workload being yours – and yours alone – to them being someone else’s – and you will still help out when you feel it’s right to do so.

Now, you are a manager.

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