Keeping Promises

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There are many components of relationship building.

Trust is at the very core of building relationships in an organization or team and is vital if you want to get your people on your side when tough times arise.

It’s always been a pet peeve of mine when someone I have worked with hasn’t followed through what they said they would do.

The most memorable was once when a manager I had promised me a promotion – in fact told me to put my house on the market as he was ready to get me the move I’d wanted for a while (the business I was in was retail and a new opportunity could be hundreds of miles away).

I decided – something told me to – that I’d hang on before I got the movers booked and wait to see what came up.

Time passed and then, I found a position that was just right and it was within his grasp to appoint me to it. I didn’t worry too much that he never called me to make sure I applied.

When I got to interview, I was very excited and pretty sure that the joib would be mine – it was the one he’d promised me after all.

He gave ‘my’ job away to someone he played golf with. I never forgave him – in fact, I couldn’t stand to make anything but the politest conversation with him.

Was I naive? I don’t think so. I was, after all, made a promise.

As Stephen Covey talks about in ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, trust is vital if you are to get on well with people – for them to trust you. It extends through workmates and employees to your very own family.

I’m not perfect – OK then, I admit it. I do try very hard indeed not to make promises that I might not be able to keep.

If it’s important to me, then it must be important to those I interact with as well.

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