Key Steps for Engaging Employees in Change

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Even if change is ever present in people’s everyday lives, there are still a whole lot who find it discomforting, especially when they are not prepared for it or if it is imposed on them.

There is a way forward…

Engaging employees in change is much easier if they are given adequate information about what’s going on. The earlier that good communication processes are in place, will help maintain relationships with the workforce and ensure that the potential for full engagement is possible.

To make the best to get everyone on board – as enthusiastically as possible – here are a few reminders that will help managers be better at leading and delivering change.

In successfully engaging employees in change, the first rule of thumb is to foster good relationships with them. Talk to your people and – perhaps even more importantly – listen to what they have to say as well. When those in your team trust you, they’re much more likely be agreeable to any changes you propose. Keeping talking to them will build the necessary confidence that adjustments are not only for your betterment, but will be of value to them as well.

Another opportunity to better engage your people fully, would be to always seize opportunities for change when they crop up. Prospects for change leading to performance improvement are always nearby when it comes to the workplace. Engaging employees in challenging change situations will be much less difficult if you always take your chances in developing them and letting them grow in new ways as a matter of course.

So if they are used to appreciating the positive values that comes from change when it’s in their favour, they won’t be afraid to face different changes with optimism rather than fear and doubt.

It’s also vital to make certain that you are clear in stating the changes you want to make. By letting your people truly understand precisely and accurately what is in need of a change, they will be more prepared to accept the idea – and the consequences – and to really get involved to help you find solutions for delivering the outcomes you need.

Engaging employees in change is also be a whole lot easier if you show them that you’ll be participating in the change as well. By taking the lead in stepping out of your own comfort zone, yourpeople will have a better understanding of why it needs to be done and that you are fully behind it – even if there are some difficult circumstances that you need to accept personally too.

Finally, it’s very important to make only one big change at a time. This will lessen the shock value; enable full focus on delivery and will let people cope and be comfortable with the process. Success on any change occasion will help if they need to face more in the future.

Engaging employees in change is a very do-able option. Indeed, when they are fully informed and involved, many employees relish changes for the added interest and challenge they bring to the workplace.

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