Key Tips For The New Leader

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In this week’s blog post, Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements, shares his thoughts on ways to start out best as a new leader. You can find out more at his excellent blog at

Key Tips For The New Leader

If you are like most of us you initially feel great when you secure your first leadership role.  A few months down the line you can easily find yourself in a position where you are lacking confidence and finding it a struggle.

So what are my 5 key tips for the new leader?

Key Tip 1: Be Prepared For The Dip

Stepping into a first role as a leader or even into a new leadership role, you are going to hit some sort of dip.  Rather than being surprised by it, recognise that it is going to happen.  After all you have probably moved from the top of the tree at the last level to the bottom of the ladder in your new role.

Key Tip 2: Don’t Be Over Ambitious

Yes you want to achieve results.  At the same time it is important to remember that being a leader is a marathon rather than a sprint.  You don’t have to achieve everything straight away and the reality is that it is not feasible either.  Focus on small things first and build momentum.

Key Tip 3: Listen Before Implementing

There will be things that you will see as the new person that others are missing.  Armed with this you could easily get into implementation mode.  A much better strategy is to focus on listening to others ideas, insights and contributions.  After all it might just turn your good idea into a great idea.

Key Tip 4: Take Care of Yourself

Leading is demanding.  To stay on top of your game you need to take care of yourself.  Leadership is as much about leading yourself as it is leading others.  Try to take consistent actions to keep you on top of your game.

Key Tip 5: Create A Support Network

It’s tough and often lonely at the top.  That is why a support network is vital.  It might be a mastermind group, a coach or mentor or even a membership forum.  Find what is right for you and get the support network in place.

Bottom Line: Leading is tough.  However, doing some simple things well can set you up for early success as a new leader.

Duncan Brodie is a leadership and management expert who can help you and your people achieve extraordinary success. Check his website out at


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