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Often, when we are trying to build relationships with our people, we get all hung up on being outwardly open with them.

And we complicate things – a lot!

I was working with a bunch of clients this week, teaching some coaching tools. It struck me how challenging it is when you are starting out to keep on the simple side of simple.

It also struck me how challenging I find this for myself.

You may have heard all about those ‘Six Wise Men’; the open questioning words starting with ‘W’.

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Why?
  • How? – Well OK, not all starting with ‘W’!

Building relationships well, means that you can afford to ask a focused, one-line question of people, starting with just one of these words. Helping them find out a lot about whatever it is you are talking about. See the key word here – help them find a lot about it – not you.

So try out starting a question with one of these little words, keep it short and snappy, and then shut up.

Leave your people to do the talking – they will! And they will love you listening to whatever they tell you. It makes them feel listened too and, more especially, truly heard.

And that builds the trust and relationship they have with you – which is just what you want. In fact it’s a cornerstone of getting the best from people.

So take care to KISS this week!

Keep It Simple – Stupid!

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