Ladder and Wall

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In today’s modern world, business is all about working hard and maximizing outcomes. Making the results the focus – almost come what may.

When we work hard and the results come, it generally fills us with a sense of satisfaction and even pride as we climb the ladder towards success.

This gets even better when the results; the work; the actions you take are enjoyable, fun, challenging and fulfilling for you.

With these attributes, work isn’t ‘work’ at all. In fact, it’s a pleasure

Indeed, sometimes the tangible rewards we receive are almost secondary to the emotional satisfaction we achieve.

When the work we do really feels like work, then the strain can begin. The efforts you make might drag and the irritations about the workplace; the people and the tangible reward will start to replace that pleasure you seek.

To make the most of the time you have, it’s vital to ensure that the work you do meshes closely with the person you are.

Otherwise, with your ladder leaning up the wrong wall, any effort you put in will be misdirected and frustration will build.

The sooner you spot this and choose to realign yourself, the better it will be for you.

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