Leadership: 5 Potential Hazards Facing New Leaders

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In this week’s blog post, Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements, shares his thoughts on the hazards a new leader can face. You can find out more at his excellent blog at goalsandachievements.com

Leadership: 5 Potential Hazards Facing New Leaders

You have just got your fist leadership role.  Chances are you are excited, elated and feeling generally positive.  At the same time you know that becoming leader brings with it many new challenges and hazard that you need to be alert to.

Hazard 1: Self Doubt

You have got o the level of leader because you are good at what you do, have demonstrated achievement and potential for the future.  Yet you know that it is a big step.  Some people I know have described it as being back on the bottom rung of the ladder again.  Recognise that there will always be doubt and fear when you move into a leadership role and this is totally natural.

Hazard 2: Being Swayed By The Most Vocal

When you move into a leadership role you will have no shortage of people ready to tell you what to do, what not to do, who to avoid, who to get on with to name just a few.  As a new leader you need to take the time to do your fact finding rather than just relying on those with most to say.

Hazard 3: Making Being Liked The No 1 Priority

In any situation there will be people who will support you, others who will block you and some who will jump either way depending on the issue.  Remember that each time you take a decision it will be popular with some but not with others. Take decisions in terms of what is likely to give the best result rather than being the most popular.

Hazard 4: Dismissing The Past

You probably want to make changes as a new leader. Trouble is most people don’t like change.  The poor leader will be critical and dismissive of the past and what happened previously.  The good leader by contrast will still make changes but at the same time try to bring good elements from the past forward.

Hazard 5: Not Taking Control Of Your Time

One of the biggest challenges of any leader is getting everything done and it can sometimes feel like you are drowning. Being an effective leader starts with highly effective self leadership and taking control of your time is a huge contributor.

Bottom Line – Being a new leader brings with it new challenges.  So what steps do you need to take to be a success?

Duncan Brodie is a leadership and management expert who can help you and your people achieve extraordinary success. Check his website out at www.goalsandachievements.co.uk

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