Leadership – One Change Is All You Need

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When we lead others, we carry a set of challenging responsibilities with us. Responsibilities to the organisation, to our people and above all, to ourselves.

In ourselves, we carry other burdens too. We are responsible for our well-being as a start and we also look after the needs of our family and friends as well.

So it’s vital that we are in great shape to do the best leadership we can, for the sakes of all these responsibilities.

Within this, we can find it a rather friendless existence. We need to be close enough, but distant from those who direct us from above. we need to keep a distance too from those we lead, because being too familiar with them creates its own problems, which can easily come back to bite us in the future.

Such as a closeness that prevents us from being honest with people. A closeness that clouds our judgement and prevents our objectivity from being sharply focused.

It can be difficult to understand, from the perspective we read our performance by, to appreciate who we are as a leader and who we might be if we refined our performance slightly. If we just tweaked our leadership, even by a bit.

And Perspective?

It defines seeing the same thing in many different ways, dependent on who we are; where we’ve come from and where, right now as we study things, exactly where we sit.

Changing the way we look at things can be on of the biggest – and indeed scariest – challenges we face, when we lead others into battle. From a different perspective, it is possible to see challenges in ways we can be different, when we see them in the different light that a change of perspective offers.

Whilst changing something about ourselves can make profound differences in how we do things and indeed, what we are able to deliver as performance, perhaps the one, most impactful change we can make, is to develop the capability to see things differently at all.

And then everyone, including those we take responsibilty for, can all be the beneficiaries too.

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