Leading Your People With Integrity

March 27, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

Many of our leaders have come under scrutiny recently for the way their behaviours have left something to be desired.

Through politics to business there has been doubt thrown over the way in which those we might expect to demonstrate exemplary attitudes have fallen some way short.

The press (which, in turn has not been having the best of times) has had a field day/been on a mission (you choose) to scrape the bottom of the barrel to expose the arrogance of those who should know better.

Whilst there might be some of the press whose find a vested interest in such exposures, it is hardly an excuse when the toll of disgraceful wrongdoings has been so consistent and prevalent.

It almost makes it impossible to hold any of our leaders in any respect at all, whoever they may be.

At the most tangible level, many employees find the disparity between what their organisation expects from them at a considerable distance from the behaviours demonstrated by their leaders.

Be those behaviours financial, moral or ethical, it must be most challenging to work in the way the organisation expects, whilst seeing the leadership exposed to greed and other misbehaviours.

Leaders can only expect to take their people with them when they show the way.

To expect their people to be blindly following in any circumstance is simply wrong – and a barrel of grime and sleaze the depths of which no-one should be expected to trawl.

Least of all hard-working and loyal employees.

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