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As managers, we are in an enviable position. I know this from personal experience.

When I moved on after over 25 years as a manager, having teams of sometimes up to 300 reporting to me, I spent a little time being managed myself.

The different perspective was illuminating, to say the least.

And I recognized some things in myself that I’d not noticed before.

When you manage people, you need to develop a very trusting relationship if you want the best from them.

It’s so easy to expect them to behave in certain ways – and then, without recognizing it, to demonstrate the very same behaviors yourself.

You see, somehow, we either get blind-sided and fail to even notice that we are doing the opposite to what we expect from our people.

Or we are arrogant enough to reckon that the rules are meant for everyone else.

And we are above them

Once when I was paying a visit to a cloakroom at an event my organization was hosting for their managers, I overheard a discussion I’ve always remembered.

One of the senior executives was telling a couple of people about the wine-buying trip he was just back from on behalf of the executive boardroom.

And the $300 bottles of wine they had been buying.

10 minutes alter he was up on the podium, reminding us that we were in a financial pickle and we all needed to start saving serious money in the business.

See what I mean about arrogance?

We all need to look inside at ourselves and our behaviors to see if we are at least mirroring those we would expect of each and every one of our people too.

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