Make Your Day – Say Thanks!

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Receiving goods and services from suppliers, whatever shape or form they are, still means some human interaction, most of the time.

Yet we are becoming much more demanding as customers.

We demand more from those who provide to us and because we are frequently in roles which deliver goods and services ourselves, we are on the receiving end too – of complaints, frustrations and generally poor behaviour.

Why is it that when we are on the receiving end, we miss the fact that we ourselves, when we hang up our service-provider-hat at the end of our shift, often end up as ‘customers behaving badly’ too?

Why do we take our own frustrations out on others, the way it has been taken out on us?

Why do we sometimes become the Hyde from our normal Jekyll?

So, when someone goes the ‘extra mile’ to say ‘Thank you’, or appreciate the actions you have taken, what do you take from that and how do you react?

You feel good, I guess. Indeed, very good.

So you have the opportunity to ‘pay forward’ when your leave your place of business and be on ‘the other side of the counter’.

But do you have to wait until you have a good experience? Or might you overcome bad experiences you’ve had yourself by reacting differently – by being more appreciative in the moment with others?

How does it feel when you give praise, say thank you, show gratitude? How much control have you over the warm glow it gives you inside when you do this?

The answer is that you have complete control over your behaviour to others, whatever the temptation to be harsh. And, the key here is that you can decide to be nasty or nice, whatever the provocation.

It’s a choice!

And you can move on from what might have been a challenging day for yourself, knowing that you’ve made someone else’s day better – and move on yourself.

Kind of ‘being nice to others makes my own day’ therapy!

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