Making The Difference – Desperate Housewives Style!

March 19, 2009 | By | 2 Comments

I’ve found something to write about of value from ‘Desperate Housewives’ – not that I watch it of course – it was on in the other room…honest! Bear with me whilst I set the scene, there is a valid point I’m making somewhere in here!

Last night an episode aired in the UK which marked quite an anniversary for the show. It was their 100th storyline.

So they decided to start the show with a death – not the first time death has occurred on the show of course, but this time it was the prompt for a cool look at how one individual can impact on a number of people’s lives – not unlike the Jimmy Stewart role in ‘It’s a Wonderful World’, one of my all-time favorite movies.

Titled The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened, it showcases well-known Hollywood legend Beau Bridges as the special guest star.

According to the precis on GRRLTV, this is the shows overview:-

“Bridges plays local handyman Eli Scruggs, who is discovered dead during a stint working for Susan. As a result of his unexpected demise, the ladies of Wisteria Lane each reflect on the substantial impact he had on their lives ten years ago.

Apparently, Eli saved Gaby from missing out on the opportunity to befriend her current BFFs when she first moved to the neighborhood; he comforted Susan after every one of her somewhat frequent heartbreaking breakups; he planted the seed that gradually turned Bree into the domestic diva she is now; and he counseled Lynette when she was worn out by motherhood.

Heck, he was even friends with Edie, which says a whole lot about his personal charms.”

The point I need to make here, even though it is ‘just a story’, is that this really is how life works.

‘We change people’s lives’

You, me, we all make a difference in everyone’s lives. We do it any time we interact with anyone at all. It might be a question; a remark; a physical act. Every single thing we do, makes a difference to the one on the other side of the interaction.

If we’re manager, we make a difference to our employees lives, every single day and every single interaction.

Of course, many times it’s a small thing that sinks without hardly a ripple deep into their  mind. Sometimes – and we probably don’t even know when – we can make a significant difference to people whose paths we cross.

Other times those small things that seem to make no difference can make the difference when repeated often, for example, like when you might have been at school and your French teacher said you were useless at French.

Say it more than a couple of times and yes, you would be useless at French – possibly forever.

Eli Scruggs made a difference, in ways that were only acknowledged in the show after his death.

Think about it – we all make a difference, so it’s good sometimes to see ourselves for what we are and can be more  as facilitators of others – in the great way we can be, day after day.

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  1. Nicola Mansell

    Very nice Martin 🙂 I’ve seen that episode… very “current”. And I don’t believe you about not watching the show – even Dave is addicted to it!

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