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All of the best managers need to have an alliance with their employees. They need to form more than a partnership relationship with them to ensure that they are comfortable with each other.

Once in a while, it’s great to be able to show how much you value this relationship in real terms. You can’t use this to ‘buy’ loyalty; or to motivate; or to raise morale. These relationships have to be earned.

And you can treat your people for a job well done when it’s warranted.

By putting your hand in your pocket and making small, fun and consistent gestures with all of your people, they will feel that the work they do is recognised and rewarded. Not in that they have a bonus payment (though that’s nice), but in small ways.

Like a tray of donuts; or free-vend on the drinks machine for a day. Maybe a night out together.

There are lots of simple ways to embellish the time we all spend in the workplace. The manager who takes the time to treat their people will reap the rewards back many fold.

And above all, when you do things that are simple, fun and on their wavelength, you become a part of the team, rather than the stand-offish manager that so many are.

When you make the time to remember to treat your team a little sometimes, you will find that you will sometimes get included when they decide to treat themselves too.

A word of caution though. You can’t ‘buy’ the relationships. You have to earn them first and them embellish them with the fun things – like the treats – to make it even better.

And when you find that they start to include you; to want you to be in their team too, you’ll know that the work you put in – in simple ways, like treating them – is reciprocal.

Whilst you are still their boss, the lines are thinner; the boundaries are still there for you to manage by and yet, they see you as the real person you are.

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