Meetings That Deliver

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When you think about the time you’ve sat there and wondered just what you could be doing, it’s hard to appreciate the value of meetings sometimes.

The dynamic of working closely with a bunch of like-minded individuals, bouncing thoughts and ideas off each other, isn’t the way we’ve typically developed this useful opportunity in many cases.

To ensure that the best comes from those times that meetings are used, there are a few guidelines that will help to make them work efficiently as well as effectively.

1) Use and Circulate an Agenda – this enables attendees to appreciate what will happen and prepare all they can in advance.

2) Invite only the People Necessary – to ensure that value is added and individuals feel that they are necessary, be focused in getting who you want at the meeting; and those who you don’t need don’t show up unless they can add value with their presence.

3) Use a Facilitator – this will allow the meeting leader to focus on leading the team and ensure that processes get followed and timescales achieved. They can be formal and external, or a member of the team who is able to dissociate themselves from the content.

4) Keep on Track – will make sure that the meeting sticks to it’s agreed purpose, that a place is found to park off-topic items and agreed meeting length will be achieved.

5) Collate Action Points – to ensure that accountabilities agreed by particpants actually happens, identify actions and timetables for completion.

Pull these five tactics off and you are much more likely to make effective progress in the least time – and have your people agreeing that the meetings you are responsible for are worth the time taken.

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