Noticing Employees Strengths

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In the busy lives managers and bosses lead it is easy to miss potential and the opportunities that sometimes stare you in the face.

And not being in a position to notice those around you can lead to frustration on their part and, without question excessive workload on you.

The key to making the most of your people is taking time to reflect on who is good at what and leveraging their capabilities in as many ways as possible.

Using individuals who are excellent in an area of your business, elsewhere to utilise their skills to the full is an efficient and effective way forward.

But what about those who hide their capabilities for any number of reasons.

Perhaps they are shy; they don’t appreciate their own strengths; they see themselves as small players in the big game of your business or they might even not realise that they have strengths that are valuable and can be recycled effectively on a broader stage.

It’s your job, if you want to develop a highly effective team, to make the space in your own thinking to identify and then challenge your people, gently.

By providing stretching opportunities for individuals to shine, in an environment where they know they won’t get shouted at for having a go, will release potential like you would never expect.

And that means that you are strengthening overall capability of your team; being much more effective in your work performance; building succession in and making your life far less like a fire-fighter and much more like a facilitator of solutions.

This ‘noticing’ sense needs nurturing and helping along. If it has not been something you are used to up to now, it might take a bit of getting used to – so be it.

Giving yourself permission to try something new, in helping your people grow in those small ways where they are already showing promise, will help you, help others, help yourself and ultimately help improve your business performance too.

What kind of success would that be then!

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