Patience or Impatience – What’s It To Be?

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There’s a time for every manager to make a firm decision.

Good people management will always suggest that you encourage and support your employees to be of their best.

Yet there is the moment that you make the decision, that it’s time to make the point when performance slips.

When is your tipping point, where you lose patience and bring that individual into the office to straighten things out?

Whilst it’s good to give people the benefit of the doubt when things go wrong, it’s only useful up to a point.

By leaving things too long, they don’t get the honest, some might say demanding feedback that is the reality check they need, so the opportunity is missed

Of course if you see progress after mistakes, then that’s a good sign.

Showing patience with them, will build your relationship with them and give them the space to learn.

For how long though?

In baseball terms, there’s the ‘three strikes and you’re out ethic’, which is a useful measure here too.

It’s just enough and not too much for them to take the mickey, which serves no-one at all.

Being patient is a good step as long as what follows picks out the development needs they need to make – and show signs that they notice for themselves and respond.

After that, it’s time, so on the third occasion, be resolute, honest and respectful and take the time to have that one-to-one.

By making the time to let them know at this point and no later, you’ll save a lot of frustration on your part and prepare them for progress earlier than if you defer.

And that truly is a win-win on both sides.

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