Preparing to Move On!

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From the very first day you work with your people, there is a reducing number of days you will have ahead of you working with them.

All of us are ‘disposable’ and have a measurable timespan in any career step.

So, from day one it’s vital to be thinking of when you aren’t there and developing a strategy for being unnecessary!

Yes, you read that right, you need to be preparing your team to run on autopilot when you aren’t there.

In fact it’s an essential measure of management capability to ensure that their business runs as well (if not better!) when you aren’t there, than when you are.

Most ‘delivery’ roles that a manager has can be effectively delegated when you focus well on the possibilities and potential of your people.

As a manager, your key role is to manage and develop each and every one of your people for the benefit of the business and team, as well as and at least as importantly, their personal development too.

Leveraging the people you have to do more, through support, guidance and effective delegation, will build a team that are more than capable.

How to start?

Well, starting from day one (or now, if you have been in place for a while), review every activity that you personally undertake and focus on getting rid of at least half of them over a six month period – three is you want a stretch target

Then half again in the next period.

Then half again.

In less than a year, you will have given almost 90% of the work that you need not have been doing, to people who can, building their confidence and expertise and enabling you to do more of what you do best – focusing on each of your people to progress and develop.

A much more effective and rewarding use of your time.

The length of time before you get promoted may not be as long as you thought!

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