Ready for Some Positive Feedback?

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Two activities – one group and one personal.

1. Here’s a cool activity if you are in a meeting, or running a training session.

At the end of the meeting, give everyone a blank sheet of paper. Ask them to write their name at the top.

Ask them to pass the paper to the left and to write the answer to this at the very bottom of the blank sheet (above the fold):-

“In one line, what value does the person at the top of the sheet of paper bring to this gathering?”

When each person finishes, they fold their comment over.

They then pass the sheet along to the next person on their left, who cannot see the previous comments because they are folded over!

When the page reaches the owner, they have a wonderful gift to take home with them (I still have one given to me over 11 years ago!).

2. My coach got me to do this.

He asked me to find a number (I chose 10) colleagues/friends/family etc., and ask them the following question:-

“What value do you receive when you work/live/spend time with me (just one of these, depending on who they are).”

On both occasions, you will generate some positive and even unexpected responses that show you truly what others think of you – and it’s great, because it’s positive!

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