Easiest Ever Coaching & Feedback

Program Overview

Deveolping employees has always been at the forefront of manager’s roles in any organization and through coaching and feedback, individual and team growth will be accelerated significantly.

Yet there’s a mystique about what coaching is all about and that feedback is a painful affair.

Not so.

This is a very experiential program where participants will take part in guided practice around the fundamentals (and some expert tweaks) to their existing skills. This is designed to be easy and to get you up and running fast!

Who is This Useful For?

From top to bottom in every organization, coaching and feedback skills are totally invaluable. Using the model we provide, we expect a quick start and then sharing of learnt skills to others in each and every team. Managers, supervisors, in fact anyone at any level (including employees and peers) will all value this program.

Key Competencies and Skills Addressed

  • Developing others
  • Business focus
  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Feedback
  • Relationship building
  • Impact and influence
  • Communication skills
  • Effective delegation
  • Building successful teams

Key Learning Outcomes

  • The integration of coaching skills
  • Two-way feedback and how to use it to develop managers and employees
  • ‘Hit-the-ground running’ coaching
  • ‘Success-for-all’ management culture
  • Self-development for all
  • Coaching ‘secrets’ to make the difference
  • Listening and questioning skills
  • The value of building relationships quickly and easily
  • Trust and it’s place in the management skills of today

As a Result of this Program Participants will be able to:

Coach their employees immediately. Develop self-coaching for their own personal development. Integrate feedback as a very constructive, regular, consistent and two-way mechanic for teamĀ  and personal development.

Provided Resources

  • Pre-course preparation work and reading
  • Program workbook
  • Post-program activities to reinforce and apply learning (this can be supported with one-to-one coaching for an additional fee).


To maximize value, this is delivered in two full days of experiential activity, 9am – 5pm with limited breaks.


Will depend on the client’s needs – contact us below to discuss.

Additional information and requirements specific to this program

  • An effective and fun group size for this program is up to 16 people
  • A good-sized training room suitable for 16 people, with informal break out space for up to 4 groups
  • Minimum 3 flipcharts, pens, paper etc. and an overhead projector

This program can be delivered worldwide – contact us for details of any additional costs.

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