Employee Motivation That Works

Program Overview

There are few greater assets in any organization, large or small, that a team of motivated employees.

Yet motivation is an attribute that needs to be earned. It is not a tap that a manager can turn on at will.

There are many tactics to generate a motivated workforce – and there are steps to be taken to ensure the return from those tactics is maximized and not viewed with suspicion.

And it’s not just about the money, despite what they say! In fact motivated employees are less likely to be motivated by cash thrown at them that by some easy to implement activities any manager can introduce.

Participants will get involved closely in the contents of this program, have some fun and learn a lot – in fact, get motivated themselves!

Who is This Useful For?

Anyone from bottom to top of a management structure who wants to help their employees get excited about their work and how they can contribute fully. Individuals who aspire to managing – the easier way, with their people onboard fully!

Key Competencies and Skills Addressed

  • Developing others
  • Motivated employees
  • Leadership
  • Impact and influence
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Visioning
  • Communication skills
  • Effective delegation
  • Building successful teams

Key Learning Outcomes

  • What is ‘motivation’?
  • The value of motivation
    • To employees
    • To the organization
    • To the manager
  • What motivates and Maslow
  • The negatives of demotivation
  • What motivation means for managers
  • Easy steps to build valuable employee relationships
  • Developing others skills that will energize
  • The value of succession planning
  • Motivation and reward – what is the link?
  • Tactics to ‘turn on’ each individual

As a Result of this Program Participants will be able to:

Motivate their employees in the short- and long-term to maximize business contribution and individual commitment and recognize the significant impact a manager can have in delivering a motivated team.

Provided Resources

  • Pre-course preparation work and reading
  • Program workbook
  • Post-program activities to reinforce and apply learning (this can be supported with one-to-one coaching for an additional fee).


To maximize value, this is delivered in two full days of experiential activity, 9am – 5pm with limited breaks.


Will depend on the client’s needs – contact us below to discuss.

Additional information and requirements specific to this program

  • An effective group size for this program is up to 16 people
  • A good-sized training room suitable for 16 people, with informal break out space for up to 4 groups
  • Minimum 3 flipcharts, pens, paper etc. and an overhead projector

This program can be delivered worldwide – contact us for details of any additional costs.

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