Facilitation Skills for Managers

Program Overview

Developing capable individuals and teams to deliver successful business results is a vital component in any manager’s toolkit.

Sometimes, it a huge value to do less of the ‘doing’ and more of the leveraging what you have around you.

Facilitating growth and development in a numbers of workplace arenas is a vital skill to have

This is a very experiential program where participants will best be served by having a go. It’s a fun, developmental and challenging experience at the same time.

Who is This Useful For?

Any level of supervisor and manager who feels they are ready to step back from being in the thick of the action, to enabling their people to be more, do more and grow performance much more than they think possible.

Key Competencies and Skills Addressed

  • Developing others
  • Business focus
  • Communication skills
  • Effective delegation
  • Interpersonal understanding
  • Building successful teams

Key Learning Outcomes

  • That business growth comes from employees
  • Stepping back is the better game to play
  • Relationships are built quicker through facilitation
  • Facilitation is part art and part science
  • It’s valuable to develop an overview rather than be close
  • Facilitation takes practice and is a valuable skill to retain

As a Result of this Program Participants will be able to:

Once learned in this fascinating program, participants will have a toolkit of tactics to use for the rest of their management careers, benefitting both themselves and the individuals who make up their teams.

Provided Resources

  • Pre-course preparation work and reading
  • Program workbook
  • Post-program activities to reinforce and apply learning (this can be supported with one-to-one coaching for an additional fee).


To maximize value, this is delivered in one full day of experiential activity, 9am – 5pm with limited breaks.


Will depend on the client’s needs – contact us below to discuss.

Additional information and requirements specific to this program

  • An effective group size for this program is up to 12 people
  • A good-sized training room suitable for 12 people, with informal break out space for up to 4 groups
  • Minimum 3 flipcharts, pens, paper etc. and an overhead projector

This program can be delivered worldwide – contact us for details of any additional costs.

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