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Are you ready to be amazed?

There’s a simple way to make a difference in the way you relate to those in your team.

If you are focused in what you do, it will take no time at all, cost nothing and revolutionize the way that your people perceive you.

Why managers don’t do this enough is a mystery, but it’s linked to the being busy that we covered in last week’s newsletter.

You see it’s so vital to be able to delegate tasks as far as you can, to leverage the value from the capabilities that your people have (sometimes hidden, of course), that then will allow you more free time to do this simple act that they will love.

And the truth is that it is such an easy activity, that it is a wonder that managers don’t do more.
So, what’s the secret then?

Just be there more.

By showing an interest in your people, without putting any pressure on them, you will be much more valued as a manager and the return on the time you invest will be magnified many-fold.

The behavior of a manager is thought to be the reason for 70% of employees leaving their current employment.
By showing an authentic interest in them as they work – engaging them in easy conversation for example – you show that you are interested in them as people.

This builds relationships strongly between a manager and an employee. This is a hugely valuable asset in today’s employment climate – and one which is becoming more and more rare.

By just ‘chatting’ about nothing in particular, you invest time in the relationships that will serve you very well in the future – when you really do need to ask for help and support.

And that really does make a difference to the bottom line.

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