Standing Still

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It’s a busy world.

We all work in hectic environments, attempting to keep up, ahead of the wave.

Yet sometimes it’s worth spending time doing very little at all.

For many years, the concept of MBWA – Managing By Walking About – proved very successful and still is.

Woe betide any manager who isn’t inquisitive and sensitised to what might be happening that is out of the ordinary. To get that level of intelligence, you have to be aware.

To be aware, you have to be out there, being just a little (or very!) nosy about what is going on.

Yet, within this, there is space for ‘standing still‘.

You see, the bustle and rush of all the ‘walking about’ means that you don’t always have the time to notice.

The challenge is within you. It feels uncomfortable to seemingly do nothing, but stand and watch to see; to absorb just what is going on.

It also takes some little time for your people to get used to it as well. The concept of you just standing, watching, checking, catching them out.


So part of this is about watching and not finding things wrong, more about catching your people doing things right and gaining intelligence.

How you use that intelligence, needs care and focus and without doubt, to be constructive and positive.

You will be surprised what you find out about your business, by being calm with yourself, giving yourself the permission to stand around and watch.

Give it a try.

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