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Delegation Is All About Effective Management

October 27, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

It is well known that effective leaders are those people that understand what delegation is and who also have the required skills with which to delegate tasks effectively. A manager who is not good at delegating tasks to a team, will soon find that they start to burn themselves out building their stress levels. The […]

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Show and Tell – And Stop

October 11, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

Delegation is a very valuable management tool. It enables a manager to do less of the activities they don’t personally need to do, whilst enabling members of their team to take some of this workload and gain from it. They gain from the valuable experiences they now enjoy as they explore new challenges and build […]

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Half-Time Working – Let’s Go!

August 20, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

We are all pretty busy in our work, right? You almost wonder how it could be possible to fit more in. Your days are so full, they often leak over into your own time. Early starts and missing the kids before bed becomes the norm. Missing your vacation time. It doesn’t have to be this […]

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Interfere at Your Peril!

August 16, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

Generally, as managers, we know stuff. We come into the role for the people management skills we have (or at least the perceived potential we have) as well as the experiences we’ve had in our past work. Skills and experience mean that we can provide support and help to our team of people to get […]

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A Football Legend

August 2, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

This week has seen the death of Sir Bobby Robson, a very successful football manager in the UK. He was successful because he created teams that were capable of doing the job once they crossed that white line. Managers can only do so much and then they have to leave it to the capabilities of […]

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Just Helping Out

July 12, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

There is a time in any manager’s career, when the moment hits you, that your work has changed. It’s in this brief moment, that you realize that you have stepped up from being a worker, to a manager. In those few seconds of realization, you notice that something has shifted for you and you will […]

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Do What You Love – Delegate the Rest

April 30, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

Whatever your job or role, there will always be the parts of it that you prefer to do and others you hate and loathe. It’s natural! We all have our preferences and usually that which we enjoy and prefer doing are the things we are best at. It’s common sense. When we manage others, as […]

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Take the Easier Ride – Delegate

March 30, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

Had I been asleep or was I still awake? That (very) early morning call brought delegation into sharp focus. And it shaped my management forever. It was 2.30 am. It was cold and dark and I’d been in bed for just a half hour when the phone rang. “Alarm Center here, are you the keyholder?” […]

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The Power of a Group

March 22, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

You are the leader of your team, your department or your organisation. You are the owner and amongst you all, no one can do the job; run the place, like you do. We all know that and have been there. It’s tough because someone has to do it. In fact it’s a struggle and because […]

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