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Losing Your Best Players

October 25, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

Working with a client this week, I came across one of those situations where a manager’s emotions can get confused. I recall a training video where the manager concerned feels that if he develops his people enough, then they might be good enough to, well, get promoted and then they would leave him. And his […]

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Keeping Your People Happy

August 23, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

A manager’s role is to build successful teams that deliver the business. We aim to seek for higher and higher performances from those we encourage, cajole and develop. How do we keep them all happy? We strive to create refined, capable people to inhabit our teams. The results we seek cannot be delivered by us […]

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Five Unexpected Benefits of Performance Management

February 2, 2010 | By

Managing performance can be a challenge, especially where you have an organizational process to fulfil. Outside the more obvious reasons for using such a process, there are more to go for, which will help managers realize why it is a useful tool to embrace fully. Apart from the individual benefits for each one of your […]

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Successful Management – Defining The Key Roles In Your Team

January 6, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

Every business has its Key Roles. Each organization has pivotal positions that are critical to get right. Managers who understand that these roles and positions are often critical to success, are usually the ones who are ahead of the game All teams have those really vital roles, where without people knowing what they are doing, […]

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Team Building – Inherit or Create?

December 22, 2008 | By

Is it easier to have a bunch of people that are brand new to a team, or one that you mould from those you inherit? In my business life I only had the latter. An existing group of employees, in each business who I had to work with, from each new day one. Never a […]

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