The Path of Least Resistance

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If you look across a windswept hillside, you will see criss-crossing it the tracks of sheep.

The tracks meander, avoiding the most difficult ways, because the sheep have an inbuilt, inherent mechanism for making their way the easiest.

Management can be this way too.

Whilst we may draw negative connotations from linking ourselves to sheep(!), learning from the ways of nature that there are easier ways is very valuable.

So, what to do…

So, what are the paths of least resistance? How can you make the most of them and how do you recognise them?

Try the reverse logic – where are you most stressed out and find things ultra-challenging?

These areas are your clues to the tough areas to find workarounds. These areas are where the sheep have learned not to tread – they are the ‘paths of most resistance’.

And then…

Make it easier for you – easier for your people by meandering your route, ever so slightly, as you aim for your clear goal or outcome.

You can deliver the focused outcomes you need – just make it easy!

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