The Recipe for Management Success

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Sometimes it’s good to find out other perspectives. So often it’s easier to sit with ourselves and believe our management capabilities are adequate enough. Maybe it’s time to wake-up…

As managers, we all want to run teams that bring success to whatever our enterprise is. The component members of those teams will often decide what are likely to be the outcomes we achieve.

When we evolve into our careers, we gradually start to understand that the best way to achieve the results we need, requires an element of discomfort.

When we are comfortable, it often shows that the challenges we accept are simply not tough enough. With an easy time with our people, maybe they are not demanding enough of us, so we are resting up in the comfort-zone we create for ourselves.

Depending on our circumstances, we might have a team ranging from just one other assisting us, to many hundreds (though in cases such as this, there will often be a smaller team we relate to in an in-between position) and that can be a lot of people to get the best from.

The challenge we face is to create a constructive and dynamic team, with just the right amount of ‘edge’. Then we ourselves have to appreciate that to make good progress, we need to slip out of that comfort zone we inhabit to a place where, on any given day, we find others asking questions of us that we need to consider carefully.

To get the best performance, we have to take three – possibly uncomfortable – steps:-

1. Assess our own comfort zone. Is it too ‘easy’ with the team we have? Are there challenges we have to face? Do we receive tricky questions we have to answer?

2. What are the opportunities to shake things up a little? When will that happen? How prepared are we to draft in new people who will make us feel a little uncomfortable?

3. What do we need to change within ourselves to accept that the way it is currently, might not be the best way forward? How easy is it to accept that we might be more of the problem – rather than the solution – and how do we shake ourselves out of that stagnation?

As managers, it’s vital to recognize that sometimes we get stuck in a comfort-zone. And if we aren’t careful, that can easily be to the detriment of our business – and in time, do us few favors for ourselves either.

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